Winner of the audiance vote in Best Learning Solution from Finland 2023 competition.

Coming for Windows, iOS and Android

Become the Mathemagician

Explore a mysterious broken world

By chance, you become trapped in an otherworldly place, Delearnia. A world once happy and welcoming, but not anymore. This world needs healing. It needs you

"What happened here? How can I help? Or should I?"

Where logic, action, and adventure meet

Delearnia: Fractions of Hope is a story-driven adventure puzzle game with a mysterious world and a touch of mathematics. 

Explore an interconnected world. Make your way through the obstacles and boss battles by collecting new magical skills and unlocking new tools. Maybe your math skills improve along the way too. Who knows!

It's somewhat a Metroidvania... or Mathroidvania?

Educational aspect

In math, many of us are struggling with fractions. This game makes you more confident with numbers and more motivated to solve problems with math. It's highly rewarding, fair and lets the player solve problems in their own way as they move forward.

Merely gluing education on to games or games on to education leaves us with shallow experiences. Once we start designing game mechanics alongside learning goals, we can create rich gaming and learning experiences.

There truly isn't anything like this out there. Yet.

"You'll never lose if you always try again"

Disclaimer: The game was previously called Mathness.

Latest gameplay trailer

Coming in 2024

About the founder:

I'm a game developer and an educational specialist from Finland, shaped by passion for games and music. 

I want to make truly fun and engaging gaming experiences, and learning experiences, for children and adults alike. That's currently my job as a specialist but also the driving force for this game project. 

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"Hope is not gone. It's just broken and trapped. Fractioned. Hidden away."